Lyss Mini 1.0

Projectors for outdoor applications

projector for outdoor applications - 3W 24Vdc - clear 8°x160° and satin 9°x160° optics

Technical data

Updated to LM100005YE

  • CE mark for the European Union
  • UKCA mark for Great Britain
  • CB
  • EAC
  • BIS R-41103985
  • lighting fixture with LED technology
  • appliance class III
  • gross weight
    kg 0,18
  • IP65
  • IK07
  • IPS
  • RAL finish on request
  • Casambi control
  • F
Installation projector for outdoor applications
Power consumption 3W
Power supply 24Vdc
Lumen output at source 246 lm (3000K)
Delivered lumen output 67 lm (3000K, 8°x160°)
Lyss Mini 1.0 code: LM100005YE projector for outdoor applications
surface mounted (windowsill, arch, corners)
Power consumption: 3W
Power supply: 24Vdc
Lumen output at source: 246 lm (3000K)
Delivered lumen output: 67 lm (3000K, 8°x160°)
1 power LED, 1/4 ANSI BIN, 50 000h L95 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour: 3000K
Optics: satin 9°x160°: optical system consisting of a satin TIR lens combined with a shielding element to obtain a clear and aberration-free output
CRI Colour Rendering Index: 80
Body material: body made of heat-dissipating technopolymer with a thermal conductivity equal to that of stainless steel and high resistance to impact and sub-zero temperatures, and to corrosion even in harsh environments (saline). Protective cover in ABS
Finishes: white cover finish obtained using high-resistance paint to provide corrosion resistance equal to more than 2000 hours of salt spray testing (RAL 9003)
RAL finish on request
power supply unit not included
includes 1.5 m neoprene cable, 05RN-F 2x0.35 Ø4.6 mm
Ingress protection: IP65
Impact resistance: IK07
Casambi control using the Casambi app with dedicated electronics
Protection systems: IPS (Intelligent Protection System) protects lighting fixtures from water infiltrations, which can occur if there are faulty junctions between the cables in outdoor or underwater applications. This innovation, patented by L&L, also guarantees electrical protection against polarity reversal, hot plugging, ESD and power surges, which can occur if there are faults in the electrical circuit
Operating temperature: -20°C — +45°C
Photobiological safety: photobiological safety: risk group 1 according to EN 62471:2006
Appliance class: class III
Weight: 180 gr
Dimensions: 73x62x40 mm
Energy efficiency class: F (light source) in accordance with EU 2019/2015
Accessories: WD0800E Base for corners - white
tested and approved via E.O.L. (End Of Line) test with functioning test and check of electrical power consumption
Mounting surface mounted (windowsill, arch, corners)
Number and type of LED 1 power LED, 1/4 ANSI BIN, 50 000h L95 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour 3000K
Optics satin 9°x160°
CRI Colour Rendering Index 80
Body material body in thermally conductive plastic
Finishes white
Power supply unit power supply unit not included
Power cables includes 1.5 m neoprene cable, 05RN-F 2x0.35 Ø4.6 mm
Ingress protection IP65
Impact resistance IK07
Status Available