Lyss 1.0

Projectors for outdoor applications

projector for outdoor applications - 5/7W 230Vac - clear 10°x180° and satin 20°x180° optics

Technical data

Updated to LY10115YF

  • complies with the European standard EN 60598-1
  • lighting fixture with LED technology
  • gross weight
    kg 0,79
  • IP65
  • IK05
  • PID
  • RAL finish on request
  • A/A+/A++
Installation projector for outdoor applications
Power consumption 7W
Power supply 230Vac
Lumen output at source 530 lm (3000K, 7W)
Delivered lumen output 170 lm (3000K, 20°x180°, 7W)
Lyss 1.0 code: LY10115YF projector for outdoor applications
surface mounted (windowsill, arch)
Power consumption: 7W
Power supply: 230Vac
Lumen output at source: 530 lm (3000K, 7W)
Delivered lumen output: 170 lm (3000K, 20°x180°, 7W)
2 power LEDs, 1/4 ANSI BIN, 50 000h L95 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour: 3000K
Optics: satin 20°x180°: optical system consisting of satin TIR lens combined with a shielding element to obtain a soft and aberration-free semicircular light beam
CRI Colour Rendering Index: 80
Body material: body made of low-copper-content die-cast aluminium alloy EN AB 47100 for excellent resistance to corrosion
Finishes: grey finish obtained through an initial treatment of the material with ALODINE NT-E®, followed by a coat of epoxy paint and one of POLYESTER paint to provide corrosion resistance of more than 1000 hours of salt spray. Paints compliant with the Qualicoat standard used in the automotive sector (RAL 9006)
RAL finish on request
Screen material: screen made of 4-mm curved extra-clear glass, printed inside with ceramic paint and serigraphed, with excellent resistance to scratches
built-in power supply unit
includes 1.5 m neoprene cable H05RN-F 3x1,0 Ø7 mm
Ingress protection: IP65
Impact resistance: IK05
Protection systems: The PID (Protective Impedance Device) protects lighting fixtures from electrical phenomena external to the system, such as static electricity accumulation or electromagnetic interference coming from the mains power. Generally, these are events with a low energy content
Operating temperature: -20°C — +45°C
Glow wire test: 960°
Photobiological safety: photobiological safety: risk group 1 according to EN 62471:2006
Appliance class: class I
Weight: 790 g
Dimensions: 130x92x54 mm
Energy efficiency class: A / A+ / A++ (integrated LED module) in accordance with UE 874/2012
Accessories: WC0301 Outer casing, WD0500F Connection housing - grey
tested and approved via E.O.L. (End Of Line) test with functioning test and check of electrical power consumption
Mounting surface mounted (windowsill, arch)
Number and type of LED 2 power LEDs, 1/4 ANSI BIN, 50 000h L95 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour 3000K
Optics satin 20°x180°
CRI Colour Rendering Index 80
Body material body in die-cast aluminium
Screen material screen in serigraphed extra-clear glass
Finishes grey
Power supply unit built-in power supply unit
Power cables includes 1.5 m neoprene cable H05RN-F 3x1,0 Ø7 mm
Ingress protection IP65
Impact resistance IK05
Status Available