Neva 5.0

linear profile for outdoor applications - 20W 24Vdc - 677 mm - pitch 120 - RGB - DMX

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  • RGB
  • complies with the European standard EN 60598-1
  • CB
  • CMIM
  • lighting fixture with LED technology
  • appliance class III
  • walkover fixture
  • gross weight
    kg 1,25
  • IP67
  • IK06
  • IPS
  • NTC
  • DMX512
  • DMX512+RDM
  • maximum device temperature45°C
  • A/A+/A++
Installation linear profile for outdoor applications
Power consumption 20W
Power supply 24Vdc
Lumen output at source 908 lm, R: 303 lm G: 454 lm B: 151 lm
Delivered lumen output 648 lm, R: 216 lm G: 324 lm B: 108 lm (26°)


Mounting surface mounted (ceiling, wall, floor) with brackets or recessed (ceiling, floor, wall) with outer casing
Number and type of LED 6 LED RGB groups pitch 120 mm, 50 000h L90 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour RGB
Optics 15°, 26°, 30°, 24°x46°
Body material body in anodized anticorodal aluminium
Screen material screen in serigraphed, transparent and tempered extra-clear glass
Power supply unit power supply unit not included
Power cables includes 1,5 m neoprene cable, 05RN-F 4x0,50 Ø5,8 mm;
DMX version: includes two 1,5 m neoprene cables, H05RN-F 2x0,75 Ø6,3 mm and 05RN-F 4x0,50 Ø5,8 mm
Control system ON/OFF, DMX512, DMX512+RDM
Ingress protection IP67
Impact resistance IK06
Status Available

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