Neva 1.0

Linear profiles for outdoor applications

linear profile for outdoor applications - 18W/25W 24Vdc - 616 mm - pitch 60

Technical data

Updated to NV10005WA

  • CE mark for the European Union
  • UKCA mark for Great Britain
  • CB
  • EAC
  • BIS R-41103985
  • lighting fixture with LED technology
  • appliance class III
  • walkover fixture
  • gross weight
    kg 1,15
  • IP65
  • IP67
  • IK06
  • IPS
  • PID
  • NTC
  • Casambi control
  • maximum device temperature45°C
  • F
Installation linear profile for outdoor applications
Power consumption 18W
Power supply 24Vdc
Lumen output at source 1392 lm (3000K, 18W)
Delivered lumen output 1150 lm (3000K, 30°, 18W)
Neva 1.0 code: NV10005WA linear profile for outdoor applications
surface mounted (ceiling, wall, floor) with brackets or recessed (ceiling, floor, wall) with outer casing
Power consumption: 18W
Power supply: 24Vdc
Lumen output at source: 1392 lm (3000K, 18W)
Delivered lumen output: 1150 lm (3000K, 30°, 18W)
10 power LEDs, 3-step MacAdam, 50 000h L90 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour: 3000K
Optics: 10°x40°: optical system composed of a series of equidistant light sources, 60 mm apart. The deep-set TIR lens guarantees high-quality light emission and visual comfort
CRI Colour Rendering Index: 80
Body material: body made of ANTICORODAL 6060 low-copper-content aluminium alloy, made from an extruded profile, then anodized grey (20 micron) to give the product better heat dissipation and increase its resistance to corrosion. Caps made of glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide for greater resistance.
Screen material: 4-mm-thick tempered, transparent extra-clear glass, with vitrified serigraphy, to ensure chromatic uniformity of light and excellent resistance to knocks and scratches.
power supply unit not included
includes 1.5 m neoprene cable H05RN-F 2x0.75 Ø6.3 mm
Ingress protection: IP65, IP67
Impact resistance: IK06
Casambi control using the Casambi app with dedicated electronics
Protection systems: IPS (Intelligent Protection System) protects lighting fixtures from water infiltrations, which can occur if there are faulty junctions between the cables in outdoor or underwater applications. This innovation, patented by L&L, also guarantees electrical protection against polarity reversal, hot plugging, ESD and power surges, which can occur if there are faults in the electrical circuit; The PID (Protective Impedance Device) protects lighting fixtures from electrical phenomena external to the system, such as static electricity accumulation or electromagnetic interference coming from the mains power. Generally, these are events with a low energy content; This is an NTC thermistor mounted on the LED board to protect the lighting fixture against overheating. Should the product function at an operating temperature greater than the maximum temperature at which it can operate correctly, the protection is activated and gradually reduces the power. The NTC causes the integrated electronic parts to cool down to avoid the lighting fixture instantly switching itself off. When the operating temperature is again within normal range, the NTC automatically restores the lighting fixture’s original operating conditions
Operating temperature: -20°C — +45°C
Maximum device temperature: 45°C (Ta 25°C)
Glow wire test: 960°
Photobiological safety: in accordance with IEC TR 62778:2014
Appliance class: class III
Weight: 1150 g
Dimensions: 616x37x29mm
Energy efficiency class: F (light source) in accordance with EU 2019/2015
Accessories: WB6510 Anti-glare shield in black-painted stainless steel - 612 mm, WC6510 Aluminium outer casing - 622 mm, WC6710 Aluminium outer casing for plasterboard - 622 mm, WH6010 Honeycomb louvre , WM0601 Pair of brackets h 75 mm, WM0602 Pair of brackets h 140 mm, WN6001 Anti-fall kit, WN6002 U-shaped brackets pair, WN6003 Springs pair, WN6005 Alignment kit for outer casing, WN6006 Pair of extractors for outer casings
tested and approved via E.O.L. (End Of Line) test with functioning test and check of electrical power consumption
Mounting surface mounted (ceiling, wall, floor) with brackets or recessed (ceiling, floor, wall) with outer casing
Number and type of LED 10 power LEDs, 3-step MacAdam, 50 000h L90 B10 (Ta 25°C)
LED colour 3000K
Optics 10°x40°
CRI Colour Rendering Index 80
Body material body in anodized anticorodal aluminium
Screen material screen in serigraphed, transparent, tempered extra-clear glass
Power supply unit power supply unit not included
Power cables includes 1.5 m neoprene cable H05RN-F 2x0.75 Ø6.3 mm
Ingress protection IP65, IP67
Impact resistance IK06
Status Available

Customize this product

This product can be customized, thanks to our flexible in-house production. We suggest some of the possible customized versions on the right, but if you have any different requirements, we can review them together.

Possible customizations:

  • 2200K, 3500K or non-white LED colour