#MIntono: your personal reflections on Riflessioni Intono

Author L&L Communication Team
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#MIntono is a photo album created during Fuorisalone 2019 by visitors to Riflessioni Intono. #MIntono tells the story of the exhibition in the Brera Design District through a collage of different and very personal points of view.

The exhibition, dedicated to the presentation of the new outdoor wall-mounted fixture Intono, was expressly designed so that visitors could change the setting: they could rotate the panels that housed the lighting fixtures in whatever way they wanted and play with the reflections created by the mirrored surfaces all around them. At the same time, the wall-mounted Intono lamps could produce music and lighting scenarios on demand thanks to their smart speaker function.

Using the hashtag #Mintono, visitors could share the photos and videos of their own personalised scenes on social media. The result was a work-in-progress of a collective photo album to which new points of view, new “reflections” were added every day.