Siri Blvd | Urban Lighting

Author L&L R&D Team
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  • Mounting on Ø60-mm column, with short / long arm, available in double-arm version on request
  • Wall mounting
  • Special optics for urban lighting: pedestrian zone, footpath, cycle path, asymmetrical
  • Available as on/off or with virtual midnight: dimming device built into the fixture that reduces the light emitted in the hours around the middle of the night

Technical data

  • Power: 38W
  • Power supply: 230Vac
  • Built-in power supply unit
  • LED colour: white: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, on request: 5000K
  • Finish: anthracite, on request: RAL finish

Delivered lumen output @ 3000K

Pedestrian zone optics: 2110 lm 
Asymmetrical optics: 2180 lm 
Footpath optics: 2081 lm 
Cycle path optics: 2134 lm


Mounting on Ø60-mm column

Siri Blvd 1.0projector on short arm / dimensions: 189x371x124 mm / Available in double-arm version on request 

Siri Blvd 2.0projector on long arm / dimensions: 189x680x124 mm / Available in double-arm version on request 


Wall mounting

Siri Blvd 3.0dimensions 189x336x53 mm / Accessory: angled wall bracket