Ginko in brass. A new material for our outdoor projectors


We are constantly renewing and expanding the Ginko family – designed for both architectural and landscape lighting – to bring it to new levels of lighting performance that can meet the needs of your projects.

It offers four ranges of wattages and dimensions, and a wide selection of optics in the fixed-focus versions that can meet any requirements. These are complemented by zoom lens versions and the latest addition, Light Shaper optics. Ginko was also the first projector to have a finish specifically developed for landscape lighting, jasper green.

Today, we want to present Ginko in a new and completely different look: elegant, durable brass. This is not simply a paint finish but a manufacturing material that develops a protective layer over time to give it unique and fascinating nuances. The result is a combination of reliability and corrosion resistance with the aesthetic fascination of a timeless material. A new way to put your own stamp on your lighting project.

Ginko 3.0 and Ginko 4.0 also available in brass on request



Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc, and it has been around since ancient times. It oxidizes easily and produces many unique colours and burnishes, thanks to the high variability of its components. Through natural oxidation, brass products build up an attractive patina over the years, leading to a graceful symbiosis with the other materials used in an installation.

The antique finish on our products is achieved through a galvanic bath that simulates the effect of time on brass, giving each piece unique nuances. It also makes their appearance more uniform; this ensures the natural oxidation process is slower and more constant (thus avoiding the classic greenish colour and pitting that appear in the early stages of brass oxidation, when the brass is still shiny and gold coloured).

Brass products are suitable even for the salty environments typical of installations near the sea.

Oxidation can still be cleaned off at any time during the product’s life, using a non-abrasive brass cleaner. However, this process will return the product, not to the aged look we have given it, but to its initial state, i.e. the natural golden finish of brass. 

Smoothy. Minimalist recessed fixtures in brass

All six versions of Smoothy offer the choice of a brass trim alongside the existing AISI 316L stainless steel one: a solution that allows our product to meet your aesthetic requirements ever more closely while maintaining the reliability we have always guaranteed