Pivot B. A new collection for use in landscape lighting


Landscape lighting is a rich and varied field, where flexibility and the ability to blend into the natural scenery are what count. Whether you want to spotlight flowerbeds and hedges or provide guidance lighting for pathways immersed in greenery, today you have a new ally in Pivot B.


The compactness of the Pivot projector is continued in the spikes of different heights, able to support either one or two lighting fixtures. This solution’s minimal visual impact belies its supreme reliability in outdoor applications.

Accentuate natural details in gardens, choosing from an array of different optics, and direct light points only where they are wanted. The light from Pivot B fits naturally into its surroundings to give a new, captivating look to a garden as evening falls.


  • The spike (500 mm, 800 mm or 1100 mm long) can accommodate one or two lighting fixtures and conceals the fixtures’ power cables and IPS protection system for a minimalist look.

  • Aiming flexibility: the pivot at the base of the lighting fixture enables it to be tilted upwards by 90° and downwards by 30° / 23°, and each light point can be rotated separately through 360°.

  • Elliptical optics, adjustable through 360°and manual zoom lens, both adjustable externally using the magnet provided (Pivot B 2.9 – Pivot B 3.9).

  • Jasper green finish developed specifically for use in landscape design.
Pivot 3.9

Pivot. A new addition to the line of projectors for architectural details


The projector family that packs excellent lighting performance into extreme compactness has a new member: Pivot 3.0, with a diameter of just 79 mm and a 25W power output.

Discover its elliptical optics adjustable through 360° and manual zoom lens, both easily adjusted using the magnet provided.