Brass, a new look for our outdoor lights

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The material a lighting fixture is made of is a crucial choice in the product development process. Its technical and aesthetic properties must be carefully evaluated and tested, taking into account design requirements and expected performance.

And this step is even more delicate when it comes to lighting outdoor areas: the material’s properties must remain unchanged even when it is exposed to adverse atmospheric and environmental conditions, such as sub-zero temperatures, thermal shocks and corrosive saline environments.



These factors have led us to introduce a new material into our outdoor lighting catalogue: elegant, durable brass. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, has long been used in the production of everyday objects – think of the wall lights of the 1930s, for instance – and is greatly appreciated for its physical, chemical and aesthetic properties. Unlike other metals that have a high risk of corrosion, brass naturally develops a protective layer with time, a patina that preserves it from external environmental conditions and gives it interesting nuances.

And it is precisely this ability of brass to evolve over time that makes it a fascinating “living” material, with a strong visual and aesthetic impact. As a design choice, it reflects a certain eye for stylish detail while simultaneously ensuring the end product will satisfy all outdoor installation requirements.

The outdoor lights ready to be clad in brass are the Smoothy family of recessed fixtures, an architectural lighting line that features an elegant, pared-down trim with no visible screws. All six versions of Smoothy now offer the choice of a brass trim alongside the existing 316L stainless steel one: a solution that allows our product to meet your aesthetic requirements ever more closely while maintaining the reliability we have always guaranteed.

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