Linear profiles for outdoor applications


Lighting with diffuse light or optics for walls and facades

River and River Wall make up the family of outdoor linear profiles with built-in power supply, and use LEDs with white or RGBW light.

River is intended for recessed installation with an outer casing and can be driven over with up to 2000 kg, while River Wall is intended for mounting on a bracket. Available in lengths of one metre and half a metre.

  • River

    Version Length - MountingPowerPower supplyOptics - LED Colour
    River 5.01000 mm - pitch 50
    60W48Vdcoptics version


    • VersionRiver 5.0
    • Dimensions1000x56x116 mm
    • Power60W
    • Power supply48Vdc
    • LED colourRGBW

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Unique Selling Points

built-in power supply unit

body in anodized aluminium

pitch 50 mm

RGBW Version: River 4 / 5 / River Wall 4 / 5

screen in tempered, transparent glass

  • Recessed mounted using outer casing (River) or surface mounted with brackets (River Wall)

  • Choose between version with optics, wall-washer version and version with diffuse optics

  • Protection systems

    IPS Intelligent Protection System

    PID Protective Impedance Device

  • Suitable for outdoor installations

  • RAL finish on request

    River Wall

  • Drive-over for loads of up to 2000 kg