Mark Rothko Art Centre

The Mark Rothko Center is situated in the building of the former artillery arsenal, the Daugavpils Fortress. It was founded by the Russian Emperor Alexander I in 1810 (designed by A. Shtauber) with the aim of enforcing the western borders of the Russian Empire.
The building was then left abandoned in 1991. In 2007, Daugavpils City Council of Education and Cultural Affairs Committee decided to establish Mark Rothko Art Center inside the artillery arsenal building and Arhis was entitled of the renovation project, which lead to the opening of the centre in 2013.
Saving the original historical project of the building and environment were among the biggest priorities during the process of renovation.
The abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko (1903-1970) was very devoted to his birth city Daugavpils (now part of Latvia, then part of the Russian Empire with the name of Dvinsk), though his family emigrated in USA and he spent most part of his life in New York.
Today the Centre hosts Rothko’s paintings collection, temporary exhibitions, workshops, conferences and residencies.

LocationDaugavpils, Latvija
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