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Wave/Cave by SHoP ARCHITECTS - Fuori Salone Milano 2017


Experimental installations that bridge the concrete universe of materials and the visionary dimension of creation.

L&L were technical sponsors of the artistic installation Wave/Cave on display at the INTERNI Material Immaterial exhibition in the Cortile d’Onore courtyard of the University of Milan as part of the FuoriSalone 2017.

The installation, designed by the New York firm SHoP Architects, evokes the idea of geological time marked by the different eras. It uses 1670 blocks of unglazed terracotta to create 797 profiles on 3 levels, alluding to the idea of rock stratification.

The lighting, designed by PHT Lighting Design, brings out the beauty and porous nature of the material and creates a play of volumes between the façade, compact and regular, and the interior, which reveals a surprisingly rich ornamentation.

For this installation, L&L supplied 89 FLORI 1.0 projectors, which were positioned on the external perimeter and between the strata of the interior.
The chosen outdoor lighting fixtures have 15° optics, a 2700K warm white light colour, and anthracite finish.

Project SHoP Architects
with Arup, Cricursa, PHT Lighting Design
Lights L&L Luce&Light


Wave/Cave by SHoP ARCHITECTS // FuoriSalone 2017 from L&L Luce&Light on Vimeo.


Light planning // PHT Lighting Design

Photo // ©Saverio Lombardi Vallauri (09,10,11,12,13), ©Matteo Cirenei (14,15), Courtesy of INTERNI magazine

Flori 1.0

Flori 1.0

2700K, 7W, 15°, anthracite